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Your Life and Choices

Today at 06:25:25 am IST, the mighty and benevolent Planet JUPITER has begun its journey through the Sun-ruled Zodiac Sign Leo. The transiting Jupiter has left its sign of exaltation, Cancer to enter Leo, where this planet of higher learning and generosity shall continue its transit till 12-08-2016. Check out how Jupiter’s Transit through Moon Sign Leo affect your Life and Choices, you are truly interested in growing and changing your self, but you’d like to have a better handle on the changes to be growing yourself. You welcome and pursue self-knowledge and understanding, but life throws challenges at you sometimes big ones. because you want to desire your dreams, have a tendency to visualize as well, but sometime we do not happy, When the worst is happening, you wonder what the purpose of it all is. And while you are struggling, life goes on, sometimes leaving you mired in confusion or overwhelm trying to figure it out before it’s too late. Generic advice has only gone so far.

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